Backend Screenshot of IoT platform
Backend Screenshot of IoT platform

Creating a cool and innovative Internet Of Thing device or application is such a huge task that it makes other important tasks look less important, but when it comes to hosting your IoT product, you have to think about many things which makes the process only worst. It would be a great idea to host them on free IoT cloud platforms. One such service that we are going to talk about today is TheThings.Io. I think their product description sums it up pretty well, that is ‘YOU BUILD COOL THINGS WE CONNECT THEM TO THE INTERNET’. Not bad for a small team who is struggling to get their ideas off the ground.

iot backend platform

Here is the list of features that TheThings.IO offers to their users:

  • TheThings is a IoT back-end solution for individual teams and developers with an easy to use API.
  • Device management
  • Data Analytics
  • Real time connectivity with supported protocols like REST, HTTPS, MQTT, CoAP and Websockets
  • Triggers, Crons & Rules
  • Ownership of the data
  • Seamless interaction across devices

If you have ever used their service then please do share your experience. If you have any questions about this service or anything related to IoT then feel free to let us know via comments.


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