Make your Home Smart with Voice Command Device: Amazon Echo

Amazon EchoAmazon Echo is a futuristic consumer device that might change our homes and therefore, it has potential to change the way we do things in this world. Basically, it is a smart speaker device that activates on a command called ‘Alexa’. You can perform various “Automation” tasks just by asking Alexa for it. I think there has to be an option to change this voice command, but I am not 100% sure about it.

So, one question that will pop up in your mind is, What can you do with Amazon Echo? – To answer this in a simpler way, I have listed all the things that you can do with Echo.

  • Listen to your favorite Music from Amazon Music Library, Prime Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn
  • Play Audiobooks using Audible. Why Audible? Obviously, because it is an Amazon property.
  • You can listen to the Pandora radio
  • You can integrate and manage your Google Calendar with voice
  • Shopping of course. How can Amazon miss this one. Echo makes it easy to shop on Amazon
  • You can have real time weather information without any hassle
  • You will be able to get news from various Local radio stations like ESPN, TuneIn and NPR
  • You can ask basic questions and It will automatically gather the data from various sources such as Wikipedia and it will try to give an accurate answer.
  • You can hear about the current Traffic situations and it will also help you to get the fastest route available for that destination.
  • Sports plays a big part in the daily lives of consumers, with Echo, you can get the current sports scores and Schedule for your favorite games.
  • It will help you set up Alarms, To do or shopping lists and timers.
  • The best part about Echo is that it can automatically download the updates through the cloud. You will be able to see that and your device will only improve in the near future.

Checkout some photos of Amazon Echo, it looks pretty sweet!

Do let me know your thoughts on Echo. If you have used this device then please share your review with us.


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