Stream your Music Seamlessly with This Wireless Device: MUZO Cobblestone

muzo cobblestone speakers
Streaming your music doesn’t sound like a big challenge to take but let’s admit, streaming media is a challenge in our day to day lives. Sometimes, you need to just adjust the volume or you might not like the current song, so you will have to leave your important work and you will have to walk all across the next room to make the change. So, it is one of those daily technological pains that we are used to in our routine, but this device can change it all.

Muzo’s Cobblestone is a WI-FI Audio Receiver that can help you control your music with your smartphone. You can turn your Audio Setup, Speakers, Home Theater into a Wi-Fi music streaming system. It is very sleek and looks like a pebble stone which will extend the interior of your home.

cobblestone iot

MUZO Cobblestone wireless speakers IOT

You just have to configure the Cobblestone with your home Wi-Fi network and it will stream the lossless music quality from all areas in your home. You will have to install their app (which is free of-course!) in-order to use the Cobblestone. You can stream music from your local music library or use internet streaming services, Network Attached Storage or NAS or even from Multi room.

Cobblestone supports almost all popular streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Google Music, Tidal, Rdio, TuneIn, Airplay, DLNA and many more.

Cobblestone is available for sale on Amazon at $59 and free shipping is included.

If you own this device, then please let us know your review and if you are thinking of buying it but you have some questions, then please do not hesitate to ask us in the below comments.


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