Live a Healthy Lifestyle with this Ultimate Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Surge

fitbit surgeFitness is not something that you do in a dark room called GYM. It is something much more than that. Fitness is all about being healthier and living a better life which automatically improves your lifestyle which directly affects your confidence in a positive way. Fitbit Surge is an ultimate Fitness tracker smart watch that helps you track and monitor all the aspects of your fitness routine. It is not only a useful gadget to your life, but it also works as a good looking fashion accessory, it doesn’t get any better than this!

fitbit surge cycling fitness tracker smartwatch iot

Some people wonder why would they need a fitness tracker or maybe they think that they don’t need a fitness tracker, so I always tell them that they should give it a try because it can really motivate you to increase your training by giving accurate data that is monitored throughout the day and even in nights while you were sleeping. It shows you the realtime data, such as the amount of calories you burnt throughout the day, it can monitor sleeping patterns and other sleep related tracking and it can even do automatic wrist based heart monitoring.

Fitbit Surge tracks your 24 hour routine, a gadget like that would need a great battery life to satisfy its owner/user. It is built with eight-sensor technology and it claims to have the best-in-class battery life.

Apart from the general features that we have covered, let’s look at some unique features that this gadget has to offer:

  • Built in GPS tracking
  • Automatic Pure Pulse Heartrate monitoring
  • This device is compatible with almost all normal exercises like running, Cross-training, general cardio etc.
  • Aside from tracking the exercise, it tracks your daily activity such as the steps you’ve taken, the distance that you traveled, the amount of calories that you have burned and the minutes that you were active while doing these activities.
  • It can sync with your smartphone and you can play music right from your wrist.
  • It gives you text notifications from your synced smartphone
  • Auto Sleep and Silent alarm seem very promising features as well
  • Oh!, yes, it is available in different colors.

And guess who else uses Fitbit surge?

Yes! That's Obama looking at this Fitbit Surge
Yes! That’s Obama looking at his Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge is available for sale on Amazon at $249.

I would totally get a Fitbit Surge, if I had a budget for smartwatch. If you own this device, then please share your review with the community and if you have any questions about the Fitbit Surge then do not hesitate to ask us in the comment section below.


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