Keyless Door Locks that works with SmartPhone – One Step closer to Home Automation

August Smart Lock

When I saw this little piece of the device, I began to see what Home Automation would look like if will really become a thing in few years!. It was much more than that, as if I had seen a glimpse of future. 

August Smart Lock is an easy to install home device that helps you manage the security of your home from the Smartphones. It is a keyless door lock with encryption locking technology which is safer than keys, You will never need a key or code to operate this door locking device, although you can carry a key if you want to but you don’t have to because I think that they have thought through the whole process while working on the Smart Lock.

August Smart Lock

You can have total control over the security of your home, For example, you can issue a key from their app to one of your family members that will work only for him at anytime or you can generate a key that will work only for a few hours for your cleaning maid. You can even track logs for every person.

One good thing about this device is that it is always turned on. It doesn’t matter if your power or Wi-Fi is down. August Smart Lock has 4 small batteries that will help this device work in any condition. Here is the best part, You will get an email alert when the batteries are down or need replacement.

Auto-Unlock feature automatically knows when you are near your home and it automatically opens the door for you. While their EverLock™ feature will automatically lock the door behind you, so you can work or travel without any worries.

August Smart Lock is available for sale on Amazon for $246  and it includes free shipping. 

If you have this device then, please let us know your review or If you have any questions in mind then feel free to use the below comment form to ask it.


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