Cone’s Artificial Intelligence Knows the Music You Like

Aether cone music player device

Meet Aether Cone, “A Device That Thinks”. This type of tagline gets you thinking immediately. Now, when I read this for the first time, my reaction was “Why a music player would want to think”, so there was a little confusion right there, but I guess branding is a double edge sword.

The C0ne is a music player device that first listens to your habit of playing music and the tracks you like and then it automatically starts to learn your habits and it quickly start to automate things in terms of usage. I guess it is their ‘Algorithm’ or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which learns your habit and tries to suggest the best possible tracks according to your mood.

aether-cone-music player white

The Cone has a very elegant design, comes with two colors and it looks very Cupertino-ish, meaning it looks like something that came from Apple and some people in the tech industry are saying that they might be the future acquisition of Apple, but I doubt that. On the other hand, some tech publications are saying that this is a rival to Amazon Echo, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Aether cone music device home automationCone is a voice command device, if you know the name of the song, then tell him and it will hear your request and play it for you.

Now, you will find this very interesting. When you want to change a song to a similar one, then you will have to turn its dial a little, but if you want to change to something completely different then you will have to give it a bigger spin. As much as it sounds awesome, it is also a hassle, but they must be having a voice command to skip the song.

With Cone, you can get access to over 30 million songs plus thousands of radio stations for free with the help of Rdio’s music library.

Cone ‘The Thinking Music Player’ is available on for sale on Amazon at $359.49  and shipping is totally free.

If you have this device then please let us know your review or if you have questions about this device then do let us know in the below comments.


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