Cone’s Artificial Intelligence Knows the Music You Like

Aether cone music player device

Meet Aether Cone, “A Device That Thinks”. This type of tagline gets you thinking immediately. Now, when I read this for the first time, my reaction was “Why a music player would want to think”, so there was a little confusion right there, but I guess branding is a double edge sword.

The C0ne is a music player device that first listens to your habit of playing music and the tracks you like and then it automatically starts Continue reading


Streaming TV Just Became Easier With Roku 3 Media Player

Roku 3Telivision is one such electronic product that hasn’t really changed that much, considering that we are living in the Tech Era. We have all seen it unfold right in-front of eyes and we have all been fantasizing about how technology can change the TV and Cable networks but nothing much has changed from the perspective of the consumer. Continue reading

Stream your Music Seamlessly with This Wireless Device: MUZO Cobblestone

muzo cobblestone speakers
Streaming your music doesn’t sound like a big challenge to take but let’s admit, streaming media is a challenge in our day to day lives. Sometimes, you need to just adjust the volume or you might not like the current song, so you will have to leave your important work and you will have to walk all across the next room to make the change. So, it is one of those daily technological pains that we are used to in our routine, but this device can change it all. Continue reading