Cone’s Artificial Intelligence Knows the Music You Like

Aether cone music player device

Meet Aether Cone, “A Device That Thinks”. This type of tagline gets you thinking immediately. Now, when I read this for the first time, my reaction was “Why a music player would want to think”, so there was a little confusion right there, but I guess branding is a double edge sword.

The C0ne is a music player device that first listens to your habit of playing music and the tracks you like and then it automatically starts Continue reading


Keyless Door Locks that works with SmartPhone – One Step closer to Home Automation

August Smart Lock

When I saw this little piece of the device, I began to see what Home Automation would look like if will really become a thing in few years!. It was much more than that, as if I had seen a glimpse of future.  Continue reading

Live a Healthy Lifestyle with this Ultimate Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Surge

fitbit surgeFitness is not something that you do in a dark room called GYM. It is something much more than that. Fitness is all about being healthier and living a better life which automatically improves your lifestyle which directly affects your confidence in a positive way. Fitbit Surge is an ultimate Fitness tracker smart watch that helps you track and monitor all the aspects of your fitness routine. Continue reading

Stream your Music Seamlessly with This Wireless Device: MUZO Cobblestone

muzo cobblestone speakers
Streaming your music doesn’t sound like a big challenge to take but let’s admit, streaming media is a challenge in our day to day lives. Sometimes, you need to just adjust the volume or you might not like the current song, so you will have to leave your important work and you will have to walk all across the next room to make the change. So, it is one of those daily technological pains that we are used to in our routine, but this device can change it all. Continue reading

This Device Helps You Find Fishes in the Water – Deeper is a Must have for Fishing Fans

Deeper Fishfinder fishing deviceThis is one of those things that you think would never exist in the world but they do. Now, I would never think about this type of a device because I live in the city (Hyderabad) where we don’t have beaches and fishing as a hobby is not really appreciated in our culture.

Now, that I have made my point, let’s move on to see what this product is all about and what exactly it can do for the people who love going out for the Fishing. Deeper Fishfinder is one of a kind portable / wireless sonar compatible device that helps you find fishes within a certain depth of the water level. But get this, the Deeper Fishfinder device can be integrated with your iOS and Android devices with the help of their app. Isn’t this amazing? You can just do ‘real world’ fishing from your smartphone.

Check out the below GIF image to understand how this device will work with your smartphone. Deeper_sonar_fishfinder_animation Deeper Fish Finder helps you do Fishing in the odd places where other fishers would feel impossible or at-least very hard to fish. You can do fishing at shores, embankments, docks, bridges, kayak, float tube, radio controlled bail boats and even do ice fishing.

It supports the depth is upto 130ft and range up to 160ft in the water. It has a rechargeable battery that works for up to 4 hours on one charge.

It has iOS and Android apps which are compatible up-to almost all the smartphones.  It connects wirelessly with Bluetooth.

It comes with free applications like fish activity calendar, weather information, maps, dairy and social sharing features.

Deeper Fishfinder is available for purchase on Amazon at $199.99 with free shipping.

If you have any questions about this device, then do let us know in your comments. If you already own this device, then please your review with us because it really helps others in the community.